An analysis of the strategies of pepsi and coca cola two soft drink manufacturers

In fact, you can hardly see any rivalry bigger than that in any other industry In the world; except maybe the rivalry between Real Madrid and Fc Barcelona, but those are football clubs.

An analysis of the strategies of pepsi and coca cola two soft drink manufacturers

The company had a 0. The ratios indicate that in the yearPepsi made a return of 8. On the other hand, the profitability ratio of Coca-Cola can be seen to decrease between the year and with a decline of 2.

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The ratios indicate that in the yearCoca-Cola made a return of In general, it can be perceived that in comparing the two companies, Coca-Cola Company is more profitable compared to PepsiCo. This implies that the former knows how to utilize its total assets to generate proper revenue and income compared to the latter.

An analysis of the strategies of pepsi and coca cola two soft drink manufacturers

In general, when taking into account the three profitability ratios considered above, it can be perceived that Coca-Cola Company is more profitable compared to its closest rival PepsiCo.

One of the main ways in which PepsiCo can improve on its profitability ratios is by increasing its revenue and minimizing its costs of goods sold as well as the selling, general and administration expenses that the company incurs.

Similarly, the managers of PepsiCo should figure out the manner in which the company utilizes its total assets in order to generate revenues and income. Events impacting the Companies A number of the events between the two companies have impacted them in different manners.

To begin with, in the past year, the Coca-Cola Company made a partnership with Green Mountain Company which is an establishment that offers coffee.

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Coca-Cola and Green Mountain have set out this business plan which will be business collaboration for the forthcoming decade so as to produce products of Coca-Cola in plastic pods for a single serving which are also referred to as K-Cups.

On the other hand, Green Mountain will benefit as Coca-Cola will help in marketing or promoting the product O'Toole, On the other hand, Pepsi has also has positive growth and success in its mergers with other establishments. Fresh products as well as optional products which are healthier have also had a positive impact on the company.

This in turn has offered the company an extended and protracted presence in the networks and distributions of food service. Income Statement Analysis The income statements are financial statements which can be analyzed and evaluated to compare and contrast the financial performance as well as the financial status or position of a company or may be even two.

To begin with, the item to be first considered on the income statement is the amount of revenue generated by the companies.

In comparing the financial performance of the two companies, it indicates that PepsiCo had a better financial performance as it increased its revenue while that for Coca-Cola decreased.

It is also imperative to note that the revenue levels of PepsiCo are higher compared to those of Coca-Cola. This can be owed to the fact that the company sells more products which are diversified compared to Coca-Cola. Another item to consider in the statement of comprehensive income is the net income amounts of the two companies.

While comparing the individual companies and the two of them, it can be perceived that with regards to the net income amount, the financial performance of Coca-Cola dipped.

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This is largely owing to the fact that the company had a dip on its revenue amounts generated. On the other hand, PepsiCo had a positive financial performance with an increase in its….For example Coca-Cola and Pepsi, two similar companies competing for the same market can employ these strategies to outdo each other.

Differentiation is a marketing strategy where a company produces goods that are different from those offered by other companies. ANALYSIS OF MARKETING STRATEGY OF COCA COLA AND PEPSICO The various products of Coca-Cola available in India are: Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is the most popular and biggest-selling soft drink in history, as well as the best-known product in the world.5/5(23).

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Introduction Coca-Cola and Pepsi are the two greatest competitors in the soft drink industry. A brief introduction and history of the two companies will provide a basis for understanding how the companies have come to be where they are today and how they run their companies.

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Strategy ‘Cola Wars Continue: Coke and Pepsi in ’ Analysis of the US carbonated soft drinks (CSD) industry (a) Strategic issues The CSD market in the US (approx.

An analysis of the strategies of pepsi and coca cola two soft drink manufacturers

$74 billion) is dominated by two concentrate manufacturers – namely Coke and Pepsi –. In early s, before Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola entered China, more than 10 domestic cola manufacturers produced cola but with little marketing as revenues remained small.

With the arrival of the two multinational giants, local producers found it hard to compete and gradually withdrew from the market or established joint bottling ventures with.

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